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Graphite high temperature anti-oxidation coating has obvious energy saving and oxidation resistance

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HC Coatings News: Graphite has excellent electrical conductivity, high temperature resistance and medium resistance. The graphite equipment thus produced has been widely used in chemical, mechanical and smelting fields. Such as electric arc furnace steelmaking, refining non-ferrous metals, silicon refining, calcium carbide production and so on.

Graphite materials are easily oxidized at higher temperatures. The degree of oxidation varies with coke raw materials and preparation methods in graphite production. When the temperature is higher than 1200 °C, the oxidation of graphite is related to the collision frequency of oxygen on the graphite surface. At this time, the oxidation rate is rapidly accelerated by the diffusion of oxygen, and the performance of the graphite equipment is greatly discounted. Graphite electrode, graphite mold and graphite crucible. In the graphite of these three materials, graphite is prone to oxidative combustion reaction at high temperature, which causes the porosity of the carbon layer on the surface of the material to increase and the structure is loose, which affects the service life.

Based on years of research and development, a large number of on-site inspections, coatings R&D personnel of Beijing Zhisheng Weihua Chemical Co., Ltd., developed graphite electrode anti-oxidation coatings, ZS-1021 high temperature sealing coatings are mainly resistant to high temperature, oxidation and corrosion resistance. , carbide composition, high temperature and oxidation resistance is the important component of the coating and the core of the technology. The binder of the coating is made of Zhisheng Weihua special high temperature solution, which can be cured at room temperature and can be polymerized into a network structure at high temperature. The binder composition is as long as the material is an inert oxide capable of promoting sintering, and the selected oxide can form glass at a high temperature to enhance the gas tightness of the coating.

ZS-1021 high temperature sealing coating can be solidified at room temperature, has strong binding ability with graphite equipment, and has graphite compatibility. On the other hand, it can penetrate with bonding agent at high temperature to form a whole structure with a certain strength of the boat. It is isolated from the erosion of oxygen and its corrosive gases, and also has a certain penetration with the matrix graphite to enhance the adhesion to the substrate and thermal shock resistance.

ZS-1021 coating of Beijing Zhisheng Weihua Company, with temperature resistance up to 1700 °C, is directly applied to various graphite products to prevent graphite equipment from oxidizing at high temperature. Graphite anti-oxidation coating is convenient to construct, high wear resistance, high temperature resistance and high temperature resistance. Can greatly extend the life of graphite.

Zhisheng Weihua graphite electrode anti-oxidation coating adopts nano-ceramic fish scale-like structure, which melts and sinters the network phase state at high temperature, and has good compactness. It oxidizes decarburization layer on the surface of the material to prevent gas and material contact, and the hardness can reach 7-8H. , has a good impact resistance. ZS-1021 Zhisheng high temperature sealing coating itself is resistant to acid and alkali. It has no volatile substances at high temperature and normal temperature. It is environmentally friendly and does not react with quenching medium. It can effectively protect the material from chemical reactions at high temperatures and can be effective. Prevent high temperature oxidation rate of material materials to over 95%.

ZS-1021 graphite anti-oxidation coating solution has high temperature resistance, high bonding strength and good focus nearby. The packing material is made of double-layer continuous cubic structure Er-Y-Ls rare earth, high temperature resistance, anti-oxidation diffusion rate of more than 95%, good oxidation resistance, acid and alkali resistance, good self-healing repair ability, anti-slag and high temperature. The advantages of debris erosion and osmosis erosion. Effectively increase the anti-oxidation ability of graphite crucible in modern non-ferrous metallurgy industry, increase the service life; at the same time reduce the side oxidation rate of graphite electrode, increase the stability of arc combustion, save power consumption, prolong the life of graphite electrode and prevent the safety caused by oxidation Hidden dangers.

It can be seen that the graphite equipment is coated with graphite anti-oxidation coating, which not only protects the oxidative damage of the equipment, but also ensures the safe operation of the equipment, and at the same time, greatly prolongs the service life of the equipment.
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